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Diana Speed

Diana Speed was born in Cornwall and travelled the world with her parents before being sent to boarding school in Kent.

Deciding that she didn't want to join the Deb' set, she escaped across the border to Scotland to study at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

After graduating in 1984, Diana worked in Rep, television and film. Her acting colleagues felt that she had "sold out" when she turned her back on bohemian living with the offer of a job that was to provide a proper salary. She joined Grampian Television as an on-screen announcer and newsreader in 1986. There she met her husband and spent the majority of her time in Aberdeen - pregnant!

After 13 very happy years in Aberdeen - during which time she also wrote for the Aberdeen Press and Journal and gained a teaching qualification - the family moved to London.

Diana joined Radio 4 in 1999, initially as a freelancer, whilst working as an audio describer. She was delighted to be offered a fulltime post in December 2002, describing the post as being the "cream of announcing jobs."

Diana lives with her husband and three children in suburbia and struggles with the commute and lack of sea air.