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Jamie Perks

Jamie was coping with life pretty well until 2010.

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Played by:
Dan Ciotkowski
20 July 1995
Trainee tree surgeon
Lives at:
April Cottage

But following his father Sid Perks' sudden death, which eventually led to his mum's boyfriend Kenton Archer moving out, the poor lad went off the rails. Drunkenness, truanting and vandalism soon followed.

It took a friend's car crash in a stolen car, which he only narrowly avoided being part of, to help him come to his senses. 

His mum Kathy found it hard to accept that A levels and university weren't the right course for Jamie. But he's very happy training as a tree surgeon. The money's not great, but he supplements it with pot-washing work at The Bull.

Doing an advanced chainsaw course next week
Jamie Perks
  • Likes - Football, vodka
  • Dislikes - Kathy 'babying' him
  • Highs - When Kenton moved in
  • Lows - His parents' divorce, his father' death, Kenton moving out


Immediate family

Key relationships

  • Isaac - (Boss) - Does most of the Berrow Estate's forestry work
  • Steve Wilkes (Former friend) - Jamie now realises what a bad influence Steve was
  • Daniel Hebden Lloyd (Occasional friend)
  • Kenton Archer (Mother's former partner) - Became friends again after a rift
  • Jolene Archer (Former step-mother) - Jamie is always welcome at The Bull
  • Marty Bryant (Friend)