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LIKES TO SEW: dresses for his wife and daughter

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Police Officer

Big burly, motorbike-loving policeman David is not your stereotypical sewer but he’s up there with the best of them. His wife is very proud of him but does find it a bit odd when she and her dad are enjoying a drink and board game whilst David and her mum are on the sewing machine making dresses. “I’m definitely the sewer of the family” says David “last year my wife sewed a school badge on a uniform and I had to unpick it and do it again”.

I’m definitely the sewer of the family

He makes clothes for his children and his wife and when his colleagues at work found out his secret, they started putting in orders for alterations. David caught the sewing bug 12 years ago after making emergency shelters and hot air balloons in the Territorial Army. He progressed onto motorbike covers and then his sister-in-law asked him if he fancied making her daughter a dress and he hasn’t looked back.

David believes his methodical job as a police constable informs his sewing – he describes himself as a clean sewer who is good at following a pattern with excellent time management skills. His weakness is his big hands which make it difficult to pick up pins and needles.


A brave policeman

It’s the first challenge of week 2 and the contestants have to pattern match.