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(Alleycat; felis retardicus)

Age: no idea.

I knew that. (I did not know that.)

Ethnicity: not sure.

Country of origin: dunno, like maybe Morocco or something?

This much we DO know about Marion: he's been abandoned by a lot of owners, thrown into a lot of canals, ditched in a lot of lay-bys, left in a lot of very stuffy, very locked cars.

It's probably because of his deep-rooted abandonment issues that Marion clings so tightly to his good friend Nelson. Frankly he needs all the paternal guidance he can get. A simple (some may say 'borderline retarded') soul, Marion is nothing if not highly corruptible.

Safe to say, it won't be curiosity that kills this cat, it'll be fact that he's been brainwashed by radical hedgehogs into sticking a firework up his own arse and then martyring himself.