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Peter Beale

Like father like son? We hope not for Peter Beale's sake. He's the most level-headed of the Beale clan...

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First appearance:
16th December 1993
Last appearance:
24th February 2015

Peter has suffered his fair share of trauma - his mum Cindy attempted to kill his father, he was kidnapped and separated from his sister and taken to Italy, and on his return, endured his father's endless marriage break-ups amongst other things. But in spite of all this, Peter seemed remarkably well-adjusted - until the death of his sister turned his world upside down. Adding to the pain, Peter discovered almost a year later that his half-brother, Bobby, was to blame and left The Square for a fresh new start.

Played by Ben Hardy


Shooting EastEnders: Teenage Kicks

Behind the scenes with the gang as they film on location for their caravan holiday.