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Ira King

Ira is a young Detective Constable who’s assigned to working with River on Erin’s case; an attempt at replacing Stevie.

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Played by
Adeel Akhtar

He’s an offbeat and sensitive individual who, despite being initially surprised by the peculiar challenges of working alongside River, actually finds himself well-suited to dealing with this unique and often disconcerting companion and colleague.

He respects and admires River as a detective, but has to work incredibly hard to begin to gain River’s trust. Despite being adaptable and understanding, he’s a sharp investigator and not un-ambitious. He’s a proud husband and father to a newborn son.

As River gets deeper into the investigation into Stevie’s death, Ira’s insight and commitment becomes invaluable, but his determination to finally earn River’s respect will also take Ira to risky places.

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