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Martin is Ex-­MI6 but became disillusioned with a service that didn’t live up to his romantic idea of it.

However, his training and acumen as a surveillance officer has caught Cartwright’s attention and an opportunity at the UNIT followed. That said, privately educated and burdened with all the comfortable certainties of his middle-­class background, Martin was always going to find the transition to a street-­level team like the UNIT challenging, maybe more because of his colleagues than
the marks they’re after.

But he’s committed and with his close surveillance and technological skills, he becomes an invaluable member of the team. However, he’s not pretending that the UNIT is the be-­all and end-­all of his career. It’s a rung on a ladder.

More than any other member of the team, he sees a life post-­the UNIT. He can treat it like a job. It’s that approach that contributes to the initial character clash with Ash. Not a natural improviser, he’s prone to criticise Ash as ‘reckless’ but he holds his own and maintains respect thanks to giving as good as he gets and a courage when the chips are down.

But for Martin, life with the UNIT is eye-­opening as he starts to share an understanding of the ‘real world’ that the others understand more implicitly.

Martin is quite the romantic when it comes to the right girl and he’s more than just smitten with Kim. Most importantly he’s prepared to say the unsayable – impossible to win, is the war on drugs even worth fighting?

Charlie De Melo

Charlie graduated from Arts Ed in 2012 and since then has appeared in many short films as well as guest star roles in popular favourites such as Casualty, Doctors and Atlantis for the BBC.