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Maggi Hambling

Maggi Hambling chooses Cy Twombly's Bacchus paintings

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Works include Scallop (Aldeburgh Beach), A Conversation with Oscar Wilde (Charring Cross London) and The Winchester Tapestries (Winchester Cathedral). Awarded CBE in 2010.

Bacchus paintings by Cy Twombly

Maggi Hambling chooses a series of eight paintings by the American artist Cy Twombly (1928 - 2011) on the subject of Bacchus. Three of the paintings are on show at Tate Modern.

Maggi Hambling portrait photos: credit Jens Marott

Painting (below): Untitled V, from Bacchus Series, 2005 © Cy Twombly Foundation

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Artist Tactita Dean and Tate Modern curator Nicholas Cullinan pay tribute to Cy Twombly.

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Image © Cy Twombly Foundation


Louisa Buck and Paul Allen discuss Twombly's work on paper.

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Maggi Hambling on her self-portrait painted in 1978.

From The Essay: Here's Looking At Me 07 May 2012 on Radio 3

Image © National Portrait Gallery, London


Defending Downton

Maggi Hambling, a Downton Abbey devotee, defends the show against charges of historical inaccuracy by Tony Jackson, former editor of The Shooting Times.

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