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Ross Poldark

Ross hoped to put London behind him to focus on peaceful, family life, but a plea from his old Army Colonel, Ned Despard, compels him to the capital to help. As Ross’ world becomes entangled with the Despards’, new alliances and old enemies threaten his loved ones and the nation itself, testing our hero’s resolve like never before.

Aidan Turner on Ross

"It has been incredible taking him on this journey. I was watching some clips of scenes from series one and one of them was when Eleanor was singing in the parlour and we all look so young.

It has been incredible taking Ross on this journey
Aidan Turner

"It is when I reflect on moments like those that all the emotions come in and it makes me think about how much Ross has grown and how much I have grown and learned and what these characters have been through.

"It is especially funny to see how Ross may have reacted to certain scenes in the first series in comparison to how he would react in a similar scene in series five.

"That is not something you think about at the time but through the evolution of character it is interesting to see. For someone who is naturally impulsive and flippant and very much wore his heart on his sleeve it is nice to see Ross grow up and learn responsibilities in the right way and to the right people."

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