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River Song

The Doctor’s closest friend, confidante and his wife. If only they wouldn’t keep meeting in the wrong order…

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Also known as:
Melody Pond / Mels
Home Planet:
Earth (More or less)
She once tried to kill the Doctor using poisoned lipstick!
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:

Professor - sometimes Doctor - River Song is an archaeologist who becomes the wife of the time-travelling Time Lord known as the Doctor. The Doctor first met River on the planet of The Library, where he tragically witnessed her death. Since then, the pair have been travelling in opposite directions to one another through time: as he has learnt more about her, so she knows him less. Throughout, both have had to keep each other’s future secret from the other.

Hello, Sweetie!
River Song

To help her keep track of their lives together, River always carries her journal, which contains a record of every encounter she has ever had with her husband. From the crash of the Byzantium, to their picnic at Asgard, through to Jim the Fish, the journal is packed with information about the Doctor’s timeline which could be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands.

Since he first met her, the Doctor has always known that his last adventure with River would take place at the Singing Towers of Darillium. With this in mind, the Doctor has never been able to bring himself to visit and has always cancelled his rendezvous with River.

However, when the Starship Harmony and Redemption crashes onto the planet, the Doctor is finally forced to accept his destiny and ensures their final night together (a mere 24 years on Darillium) is as beautiful as possible, giving him a chance as best he can, to say goodbye to his wife. The Doctor even gifts River her own screwdriver, just like the one he first saw her with at The Library, to ensure that their timeline is complete.

River shares the Time Lord’s sense of adventure, as well as his knack for getting into trouble and by the end, it is clear that they care for each other a great deal. But as to what is said between them on their final night on Darillium about what they really mean to each other: spoilers!

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