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Jac Naylor

Played by Rosie Marcel

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22nd November 2005
Cardiothoracic Consultant Surgeon, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Ruthlessly Jachiavellian: nothing and no-one’s going to stop her getting what she wants. Medicine is more than just a driving force for Jac, it is also her way to make a difference. Jac craves recognition, but her single-minded determination to be brilliant might just kill her. She’ll work herself into the ground to get a job done so Jac admires, very grudgingly, people who have achieved more than she has.

I kicked him in the balls. That'll do for me.
Jac Naylor

Jac compartmentalises her feelings so successfully that, if you did not know better, you'd think she didn't have any. However the truth is far from this, and those brave enough to get close to Jac may see a different side to her, a tiger mother to her daughter Emma who will go the distance for the causes she believes in.