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Andrew Cotton

Andrew wants to be somebody. He wants to have his own business and be able to look after his own - not follow others around.

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First appearance:
22nd August 2011
Last appearance:
24th August 2012
Food retailer

He doesn't want any trouble. Andrew wants to enjoy each day as it comes and have a laugh. When he arrived in Walford and met Heather Trott, the future looked rosy... until Ben Mitchell came along one fateful night in March 2012.

Leave me alone Ma...
Andrew Cotton
  • Nicknames: Andy Pandy (was called this when he was a kid)
  • Likes: Most food, including fry-ups and cheese and onion crisps
  • Dislikes: Bullies and prawn crackers
  • Criminal record: GBH. He went to prison for assaulting his mum's ex
  • Hobbies: Boxing and dancing


Andrew went from a future with Heather and son George, to suspected murderer. When he found out that Ben was actually to blame for the death of the love of his life, Andrew found that he could no longer face life alone on The Square. After failing to persuade Shirley to leave with him, and landing Jay a hefty blow in The Vic, he packed his bags and left.

Ricky Grover

  • Ricky has previously worked as a boxer, hairdresser and stand-up comedian.
  • Born and bred in the East End of London. Ricky could hardly read and write until later in life due to dyslexia.
  • His television and film credits include Red Dwarf, Black Books, Honky Sausages, Tony, Revolver and Big Fat Gypsy Gangster, which he starred in and co-wrote in 2011.
  • Ricky also provided the voice of Yangus in the popular video game Dragon Quest VIII.