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Vincent Simone

Vincent is 5'7' tall', but what he lacks in height he makes up for in his fiery passion! His professional dance partner, Flavia Cacace, says he is very flirty but “the dog that barks never bites.”

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Dance Partner

Vincent joined Strictly Come Dancing in series four and was partnered with actress Louisa Lytton. The couple were successful and reached the quarter final.

The Rumba is the dance of love, romantic, sensual and full of 'passione'
Vincent Simone

In 2008, Vincent was paired with singer, Rachel Stevens. This was Vincent’s most successful series and together they reached the final, only to be beaten by Tom Chambers and former Strictly dancer, Camilla Dallerup.

In 2009, Vincent was partnered with former EastEnders' actress Natalie Cassidy. The couple were tipped to win in the media, but were voted off in fifth place.

In the eighth series, 2010, he partnered Felicity Kendal; in the first five weeks they scored 23, 25, 29, 29 and 30.

In September 2011, Vincent returned for the ninth season. Vincent was revealed to be the professional dance partner to former MP, author and broadcaster, Edwina Currie. However, the couple were eliminated first and came last place.


Vincent was born in Southern Italy, in a town called Foggia. He lived there with his mother Anna, father Gaspare and his younger sister Alessandra.

All of Vincent's family are dancers and so his career is something that he says was bound to happen as “dancing is such a massive part of Italian life''. He began teaching at the age of 12.

At 16, Vincent became the Italian Youth Champion. This was the turning point for him, as he realised that his level was too high to stay competing just in Southern Italy.

When Vincent was 17, he met Flavia Cacace. They were having dance lessons in Guildford at the same school when it was suggested that they should try dancing together. Since then, Vincent and Flavia have been extremely successful on the competition circuit. They have an impressive list of titles between them, both at an amateur and professional level.


Vincent's second love is his motorbike. He currently owns a black, chrome motorcycle with an impressive 1.3l engine. Earlier in 2011, he purchased a section of a race track in Brooklands Motor Museum so he can ride his bike there.

Vincent loves to do 'normal' things too, and he has said that if he wasn’t a dancer he would be involved with computers in some way.

In 2009, Vincent became a father to his son Luca. "Day by day he looks more like me, which is very promising, and I am so proud of him for this."

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