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DS Gabe Waters

As a young man, Gabe enrolled in The Met's Special Branch Undercover program and was selected to infiltrate the far right movement in Yorkshire.

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At a time when most young men are struggling to figure out who they are, Gabe spent five years deep undercover where he created a whole new identity in order to survive.

Now, working as an officer in London's elite CTSU, Gabe uses his chameleon-like ability to navigate the murky war on terror. As a handler to a legion of East London informants, Gabe must do whatever it takes to gather sensitive information - coerce, persuade, charm or manipulate.

Gabe switches easily amongst his various roles - husband, father, mentor, protégé, cop, zealot, and has succeeded in maintaining his previous undercover life. But as his worlds begin to collide, the intricate barriers he's created come crashing down. This leaves Gabe facing the one question he fears most: which version of Gabe is actually him?

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