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Jack Branning

Considered the good-looking and most successful Branning brother, Jack's got a reputation as a smooth operator with an eye for the ladies.

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First appearance:
29th October 2007
27 Albert Square
Property Developer

Lock up your daughters, wives, sisters, cousins and nieces… this man has no morals when it comes to who he charms into bed.

Jack's an ex-copper and 'jack-the-lad' who exudes confidence, charm and natural authority. Jack always takes the logical, legal route at first, but if that doesn't get results he has no qualms about bending the rules. He uses his connections in the force when he needs to, and officers always deliver him favours. Above all, he likes to win and be top dog.

He is back in a relationship with Ronnie, and now looking after son Richard, since mum Sam Mitchell left for home in Portugal without him.

Played by Scott Maslen