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Dr Sarah Jarvis

Dr Sarah Jarvis is a GP, GP trainer and fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. She is also a medical writer and broadcaster.

Fact title Fact data
What would be the ONE meal you could not live without?
My daughter's paella with our two family specialties, home marinade olives and garlicky tomatoes slow-roasted in the oven - followed by my son's sticky toffee pudding
What would be the ONE thing you could not live without?
I'm a closet Killer Sudoku fiend - I need to do at least one a day or I get grumpy, and the harder they are the better
What would be the ONE thing you would take to a desert island?
A huge photo album with memories of all our family holidays, especially our recent trip to Japan.
What ONE surprising fact do you have that our audience should know about you?
I don't spend all my time working in the media by any means. I'm very proud that I'm still a partner in the same inner city London practice that I joined the day I qualified as a GP 23 years ago

From medical breakthroughs in hearing aids to long suffering and embarrassing ailments such as chronic hiccups, Dr Sarah always has the right words of advice.

I’m a lifetime GP, determined to let the facts get in the way of a good headline. It has stood me in equally good stead in my consulting room and in the media."
Dr Sarah Jarvis

She has been the Women’s Health spokesperson for the Royal College of General Practitioners and chair of the Health Care Committee of HEART UK (the cholesterol charity).

As one of our One Show Street Doctors, Sarah has walked the high streets of Britain diagnosing the medical problems of shoppers, while also reported on specific medical problems such as the loss of the sense of smell, and on medical developments - such as those in transplant medicines.

If it’s happening in a surgery near you, Dr Sarah will have the update here on The One Show.