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Tracey Baker

Tracey's interiors style is individual and personal to her. An eclectic collection of things that she loves.

1. Who is your style hero?

I don’t really have one. My love of style is as eclectic as my taste in objects and art.

2. If you had an unlimited budget to spend on your home what improvements would you make?

If I had unlimited funds to spend on my own home, I would buy art and fabrics, more furniture and books. I'd recover and upholster some of my wonderful but old sofas, spruce up my garden shed and make that another quirky space for one. Last but not least I'd fix the leak in my kitchen and revel in not having to have saucepans on the floor to catch the water when it rains!

3. Would you have the room you created in your own home?

The kitchen yes, its rather like a mini version of my own anyway. The sitting room, I would definitely have some of the elements such as the fireplace (prior to having painted it black!) and the display cabinet that I commissioned.

4. What did you learn from taking part in ‘Your Home In Their Hands’?

That not only can I work under extreme pressure which I knew, but it gave me the confidence to make design decisions very quickly in an unknown space.

5. What is your golden rule when it comes to interior design?

Do what you love and trust your gut instinct.

6. What is your DIY tool that you just can’t live without?

A builder!

7. What is your biggest DIY achievement?

I’ve had a few, each one has been a huge achievement and buzz. They've all been designed for different purposes.

8. What’s your biggest DIY disaster?

Leaving a French guy who was working and living with us to paint my bathroom whilst I went to London for the night. He moved the radiator to paint behind and flooded my dining room beneath!

9. If you could design a room in any building in the world, what room would you design and why?

It would have to be a social space, be it on a large scale such as a restaurant or bar or gallery. Or a secluded hideaway inspired by lifestyle that reflects a good climate and outdoor living.