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Lord Warwick

Played by James Frain

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Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, was pivotal in Edward IV being crowned King of England, and is also known as Warwick the Kingmaker.

He does not approve of Edward’s relationship with Elizabeth Woodville, a widow and a Lancastrian supporter. He wants Edward to have a diplomatically advantageous marriage to a French princess, so that his reign may be more secure.

When Edward marries Elizabeth, Warwick is furious and realises his influence on the young King is diminishing.

He has two daughters, Isabel and Anne, who he is determined to marry off to influential families to strengthen his place in the York court.

Warwick asks Edward for his brothers (George and Richard) hands in marriage to his daughters, therefore cementing his position in court.

Elizabeth recognises what he is trying to do and makes Edward refuse his offer. Warwick is furious and plans to dethrone the King with the support of Edward's own brother George. George marries Isabel as part of their contract.

Although Warwick's attempt to remove Edward are initially successful, Edward is returned to the throne. Warwick goes to France to recruit the support of the Lancastrian queen Margaret of Anjou.

He returns to England with an army but is defeated (and killed) by Edward in battle.

However, his wish for his daughters to marry the Royal Dukes is complete, when Anne marries Richard after she is widowed from her first husband, Prince Edward of Lancaster.