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Albert Pemberton

Albert is a chemistry teacher and part-time agent for Carter on the Third Floor.

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Played by
Matthew Steer

He lost one of his hands during his work in WWII in the bomb disposal unit, but has since contrived his own mechanical replacement. It was during his recovery in hospital that he first befriended Tommy.

Friendly, quirky and an absolute nut for all things scientific, Albert becomes Tommy and Tuppence’s perfect ally whenever they encounter anything that requires more technical knowledge than they possess. Having found himself slightly side-lined by his disability, Albert finds excitement and redemption in becoming involved in Tommy and Tuppence’s adventures.

Trailer: Partners in Crime

Agatha Christie's 'Partners in Crime' comes to BBC One

Matthew Steer on Albert

"Albert is a friend of Tommy's from the war, who now works as a chemistry teacher at a boy’s school.

Albert is the brains, not the brawn.
Matthew Steer

"He is a bubbly character with lots of enthusiasm and ideas and inventions but not necessarily the guy you want in the field. A bit of a young Q from Bond, the brains not the brawn if you like."

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