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Katherine McVitie

Kitty is a young servant girl who would not submit to the will of her lord and master, so found herself unjustly accused of theft. Her beauty meant she was spared the rope. Kitty is in love with MacDonald, but struggles against the pressure put upon them by Ross' increasing obsession with her.

Joanna Vanderham on Kitty

Kitty has found a soldier who believes will cherish her
Joanna Vanderham

"Kitty is convicted for allegedly stealing from her employer Lord Campbell of Weymouth, and is wrenched from the world she knows and carted off to faraway Australia. This is when we met Kitty and this trauma has understandably made her pretty fragile. On the ship over Kitty in her innocence has found a soldier, Private MacDonald, who she believes will cherish and look after her. She thinks she loves him. But as events unfold her love for him is challenged."

About Joanna Vanderham

Joanna Vanderham is a Scottish actress who was born in Perth and spent her childhood growing up in Dundee.

She later studied drama at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff and has since appeared in the BBC television series The Paradise and BBC drama Dancing on the Edge.

She also starred in the 2012 American film What Maisie Knew alongside Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard.