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Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor was an accidental companion, seeking refuge in the TARDIS after he’d been injured during a battle with the Daleks. The Doctor had no idea the stowaway was on board until touching down in England, 1066, but the two travellers became firm friends and together they faced some of the universe’s most terrifying monsters!

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Also known as:
Diomede; Steven Regret
Home Planet:
Steven had a toy panda he was very fond of, called Hi-Fi!
First Appearance:
Farewell Appearance:
Key stories:
The Time Meddler; The Daleks’ Master Plan

Steven Taylor was a space pilot but crashed on the planet Mecahnus. He managed to avoid the world’s deadly jungle vegetation but was taken prisoner by the Mechanoids and spent two years as their captive – a long, lonely time when the only friendly face he saw belonged to his toy panda! And so when the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki encountered him, he had trouble believing the strangers were real, but was soon overjoyed to have company. After a confrontation with the Daleks he was injured and became separated from the Doctor. But he made it to the TARDIS, and trying to avoid Mechanus’ predators, hid in the time machine. The next thing he knew, Steven Taylor was one of the Doctor’s early companions!

If the Daleks are waiting outside for us, it’ll be suicide!

Steven was a man of action, always eager to be at the centre of the fray. This was not entirely surprising as he came from a point in the future when Earth was locked in interplanetary wars. But he had a more sensitive side and when Katarina and Sara were killed, he felt their loss keenly. And when the Doctor informed him that they could not always interfere with history to help others, he was outraged before slowly accepting the Time Lord’s wisdom.

Steven also had a sense of fun, dressing up as cowboy when the TASRDIS landed in the Wild West and often displaying his dry sense of humour through droll one-liners. But it was his strength and integrity that ultimately decided his fate. Two sets of people who had previously been at war on an alien planet asked him to lead their world; to give them hope, to bring the two populations together and guide them in harmony. The Doctor was certain Steven was up to the task and the young pilot accepted, reluctantly leaving his life of time-travel. Before departing in the TARDIS, the Doctor told Steven how proud he was of him – the stowaway’s journey was over and a new adventure awaited him.