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Derek Branning

Derek was old school, proper East End. After years behind bars he looked for a place to make his mark. And his old manor, Walford, was as good as any.

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First appearance:
29th April 1996
Last appearance:
25th December 2012 (deceased)
Dealt in dodgy stuff

Derek was the eldest of the Branning brothers. When he was young he had his own gang, who terrorised anyone who crossed their path. Derek ended up in prison - and almost didn’t make it out alive.

You might not like me but you will respect me.
Derek Branning
  • Distinguishing features: Derek has a knife scar on his body
  • Convictions: He was in prison for ten years prior to re-appearing in the Square and is currently on licence
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Cars: Drives an old black jag
  • Vices: Has a sweet tooth and drinks whisky

Derek's real wish was to reinstate himself as head of the Branning clan, something he'd missed for the last 30 years. He would take out anyone who stood in his way. And believe us, his bark was nothing compared to his bite.

It might be hard to imagine Derek in a relationship, but he was a charmer that had an unlikely way with the ladies.

When daughter Alice returned to his life, we hoped that we might have seen a new, softer side to Derek… but apart from a heroic rescue of son Joey and niece Lauren from a burning building, it was been business as usual for dastardly Derek. We’ve seen him blackmail Joey and sister in law Tanya, as well as taking every opportunity to get a dig in at Jack’s girlfriend Sharon!

Derek’s behaviour sunk to new lows when he became Kat Slater’s secret lover, a revelation which sickened The Square and broke poor Alfie’s heart.

Judgment Day came for Derek on Christmas Day, when brothers Max and Jack disowned him and threw him out of the house, causing a worked up Derek to die of a heart attack.

His brothers, son and ex-lover watched on as he died, not going to his aid until it was too late... Can they live with this on their consciences? Only time will tell.

Jamie Foreman

  • Jamie Foreman is best known for his role as as Duke in Layer Cake and Bill Sikes in Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist (2005).
  • He's also appeared in Law and Order: UK, and in Gary Oldman's movie Nil by Mouth.