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Ivan is grieving for his dead wife. Who is coming to kill him.

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Human Colony
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Ivan worked at Chasm Forge Mining Station with his wife Ellie. Mercifully both of their suits were offline when the order to ‘deactivate your organic component’ was given. Desperate to survive long enough to be rescued, the two of them embarked on a perilous spacewalk to escape the corpse-suits and find more oxygen. Tragically for Ivan, he witnessed the death of his wife as the killer suits finally caught up with them.

Are you out of your mind?

Overwhelmed with grief - but alive - Ivan is kept extremely busy as a technician by the demands of the tiny group of survivors trying to escape the smartsuits. In particular, Ivan’s knowledge is put to good use when Bill’s malfunctioning suit needed emergency repairs. Ivan lives in hope and trepidation of seeing Ellie again – every time the smartsuits come to attack, Ivan looks to see if the body of his wife is among them.

When the Doctor finds a way to trick the suits into keeping the remaining crew members alive, Ivan does see his wife again – this time her smartsuit offers him the oxygen he needs to live and escape the station in the TARDIS.