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Bobby Beale

Bobby has overcome a complicated start in life - Garry thought he was his father until a blood test proved it was Ian. Not to mention enduring the revolving door of his father's love life...

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First appearance:
24th July 2003
45 Albert Square

We feel for Bobby Beale, whose home life is about as stable as Kim Fox-Hubbard in stilettoes after ladies' night at R&R.

Bobby's biological mum, Laura, died in dubious circumstances. Jane was the closest thing to a mum he had.

As for paternity - rumours were rife that Garry Hobbs was his father after a drunken fling with Laura, until a blood test revealed Ian to be his real dad.

Bobby’s life turned into turmoil, his ever growing anger issues resulted in him accidentally killing his sister Lucy, and striking his mother Jane with a hockey stick, which left her critically injured. Bobby is currently serving a three year sentence in a detention centre.

Played by Eliot Carrington