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Jade Lovall

Played by Gabriella Leon

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3rd November 2018
Band 5 Staff Nurse

Jade is funny and down to earth, without any ego. She’s up for anything; life is nothing more than a series of experiences and she’s going to make sure hers are fun ones. Jade never judges others and is a great laugh to share a bottle - or several - with.

Jade has already defied all the odds by studying at university, let alone training to be a nurse. Life growing up wasn’t easy - she was put into care at the age of eight and then jumped between care homes and foster families throughout her childhood. Although she’s friends with absolutely everyone, there are few that Jade will let get really close. The same goes for boyfriends, she’s happy to have a little flirt on tinder, but anything that goes past the 2nd date mark or a hint of a toothbrush being left at her house and she is out of there.

Jade isn’t one for rules or detail and constantly cuts corners to take the easiest route out – some might say she’s lazy... but deep down this attitude is masking a host of insecurities – for Jade, if you never put yourself on the line, you can never be a failure.

But she has found her calling in life by working in an A&E. She’s good at reacting to the situation in front of her and not even the bloodiest trauma throws her off her game. She’s also a humanist and treats every patient with the right amount of compassion. All she needs now is a bit more confidence in her own ability…