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Major Carter

Major Anthony Carter, more commonly known as Carter or ‘Uncle’ to his nephew Tommy, is the head of the Third Floor, a secretive branch of British Military Intelligence.

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Played by
James Fleet

The Cold War is a relatively new concept, and Carter is still adapting himself to the intricacies of this new frontier in spy warfare. When he was conducting espionage operations during WWII he knew exactly who the enemy was, but the 1950s are a much trickier time – and the old guard are slightly struggling to keep up with the influx of work in this new age.

Fortunately Carter’s considered intelligence and cautious nature make him a worthy adversary for Britain’s enemies. Carter has a paternal relationship with his hapless nephew Tommy, and tries to protect him the best he can whilst encouraging him to follow his own path. It is to Carter’s surprise and increasing alarm that Tommy and Tuppence appear intent on becoming involved with his perilous Cold War world.

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