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George Warleggan

George suppresses his fears over Valentine to enjoy a more harmonious marriage with Elizabeth. However, he finds politics more of a challenge than he thought and seeks to solidify his power in more ambitious ways.

Jack Farthing on George

"When we meet George in series four a little time has passed and he has recovered and got his bearings again. He and Elizabeth are starting this new, secure partnership and he has promised to cherish and love Valentine in a way that he always should have and Elizabeth has accepted it. They are a team, more so than ever.

George faces a humongous, professional loss early in the series
Jack Farthing

"However, George faces a humongous, professional loss early in the series. He prides his political power right up there with his relationship with Elizabeth and to have that in jeopardy is terrifying so that motivates and energises a whole new spark in George.

"Having been knocked really far off his perch, he climbs up and up until everything seems to be going well for him and he is commanding a huge amount of authority in Cornwall."

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