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George Warleggan

Haunted by the loss of Elizabeth, George looks for his missing spark as he forges onward. His journey sees him entering into an alliance with merchant Ralph Hanson, whose business in the mahogany trade and influence in London promises to expand the Warleggan empire around the world.

Jack Farthing on George

"Losing Elizabeth at the end of last series was extremely traumatic for George and we pick up this series a few months later.

George is suffering inwardly and apocalyptically
Jack Farthing

"He is apparently back to normal, at his desk hard at work but crucially refusing to talk about anything – he doesn’t want to hear her name, pictures of her are being taken down from the house, he is getting on with his life.

"However, gradually you become aware that he is not anywhere near as calm as he appears, he is suffering inwardly and apocalyptically."

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