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Zoe Hanna

Played by Sunetra Sarker

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29th December 2007
7th May 2016

Zoe is an intelligent, highly-talented and ambitious doctor. There's a chaotic and flamboyant energy about her that affects everyone she meets. Zoe may put on a professional front, but there’s an immaturity and recklessness to her underneath which we catch a glimpse of every now and then. She has her flaws, and you might catch her stumbling into work hungover on more than one occasion, but she is the perfect mix of a fun-loving woman and a dedicated, skilled, doctor.

Zoe loves her work, but her social life is just as important. She was given the chance to become Clinical Lead, but decided that paperwork really isn’t her priority; she likes to be on the frontline, amidst the action and chaos, and still leave work with time for a large glass of wine in the pub.

Zoe Facts:

  • Zoe is unable to have children
  • She is married to Max, but they have separated.
  • Zoe relies on her coffee and cigarettes to get her through the day.

Zoe Hanna: Character trailer

Zoe is an intelligent, highly-talented and ambitious doctor.