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Liam Butcher

Liam is a kind and loving soul, and one of the better-behaved of Bianca's brood – except for his stint as a gang member!

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First appearance:
25th December 1998
Last appearance:
17th August 2015

Liam settled in Walford in 2008 with his mum and siblings. Prior to that he’d been uprooted more times than Bianca’s screamed "Rickaay!"

Though he used to get up to his fair share of mischief, Liam always tried to do right by his family, even if it wasn't necessarily doing right by himself. When Bianca was imprisoned for breaking her probation, Liam left Walford to be with his dad.

Most of all, Liam wanted a simple stress-free life, two happy parents and enough money to get by. Unfortunately, that's not how the Butchers work...

Played by James Forde


Shooting EastEnders: Gangs

We go on location to meet the gang and see how a high-rise stunt is realised!