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Cindy Beale

Cindy always had an eye for Walford's heartbreakers. Try as she might she was never cut out to the be a dutiful wife…

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First Appearance:
10th May 1988
Last Appearance:
12th April 1998 (Died 5th November 1998)
Worked for Ian in the family businesses

The adulterous homewrecker worked her way through the men of Albert Square like Pat Evans went through earrings, eventually settling for married life with dull but reliable Ian Beale. She married him out of desperation - who else would provide for her?

Oh go on Ian, you know you want to...
Cindy Beale

With a selfish streak as stark as her suicide blonde hair, Cindy couldn't remain faithful to Ian or to put her family first, and carried on with both the Wicks boys (David and Simon) right under Ian's nose.

Cue an attempt to dissolve the marriage by murder (divorce is just so passé, don't you find?). Ian survived, Cindy fled Albert Square, lost her kids, ended up in prison and died in childbirth. Now that's what we call a comeuppance.

Played by Michelle Collins