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Hangovers are the worst – don't you hate it when you wake up and don't remember what happened the night before? When you feel so rough you're not sure you can make it into work? When you make a few typos which become fundamental errors and you almost accidentally end the world?

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Poor Douglas feels a bit under the weather when he turns up for work at Agrofuel Research Operations. Not only does he miss a decimal point and create a bacterium so deadly that it causes any living thing it comes into contact with to decompose into gunk, but he also leaves the airlock door open – causing the bacterium to leak into the lab!

Okay, whatever that is, that is not meant to happen.

Taking off his Hazmat helmet – "I just need a minute. I was just about to throw up in my suit" – Douglas breathes in the killer bacteria. Soon Erica's suggestion of "taking a kip under his desk" becomes a grim reality…