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The most senior ranking Dane Ubba is a mountain of a man, loud, brash, violent, playful and a little unhinged.

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Played by
Rune Temte

A ferocious warrior, Uhtred is warned as a boy never to fight Ubba, but fate dictates he must. Ubba’s weakness is his superstition and reliance on his sorcerer Storri…it may just prove his undoing.

Rune Temte

Since training at The Drama Studio, London, Rune has played a variety of roles and worked with acclaimed directors such as Oscar nominated Nils Gaup, Harald Zwart (Norway), Leif Stinnerbom (Sweden), Oleg Kulikov (Russia), Jurek Zon (Poland), Marcelino Martin Valiente (France) and Norway’s Franzica Aarflot and Bjørn Sæter.

Rune’s portrayal of Puck at The Vestanå Theatre in Sweden and Karl in Rogaland Theatre’s Karl and Anna (based on Leonhard Frank’s novel) earned him critical and audience acclamation. Latest work includes roles in major TV series Tatort (Germany) and Netflix hit series Lilyhammer.

In The Accident he plays the lead Jonas and in the upcoming Eddie The Eagle feature film he plays Bjørn, the Norwegian Ski Jumping Coach, opposite Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken. Rune runs his own production company and has produced more than twenty major theatre productions, three short films and one feature length film. Rune played professional football for Strømsgodset Football club prior to acting.