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Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond presents All in the Mind on BBC Radio 4.

She grew up in Bedfordshire where she began presenting at the age of 14 with a request programme on Hospital Radio Bedford. In her year out before going to Sussex University to study Applied Psychology, she worked in the newsroom at BBC Three Counties Radio.

After reading for an MSc in Health Psychology at Surrey University and doing research in a breast cancer unit, Claudia began lecturing in psychology alongside working as a journalist at the start of BBC Radio 5 Live. A year later she began reporting for Radio 4 programmes such as Woman's Hour and All in the Mind.

In 2017 she started The BBC Loneliness Experiment in collaboration with Wellcome Collection which culminated in the Radio 4 series The Anatomy of Loneliness and her podcast How you can feel less lonely. Before that she launched The Rest Test and presented The Anatomy of Rest. For both studies she collaborated with Wellcome Collection.

Claudia’s passion is to share the ways that psychological and medical research can help us in our everyday lives, whether through radio or through her books. She is the author of:

Emotional Rollercoaster - a journey through the science of feelings

Time Warped – unlocking the mysteries of time perception

Mind over Money – the psychology of money and how to use it better.

Claudia is on the part-time faculty at Boston University’s base in the UK where she lectures in psychology.

"I feel very lucky to be doing this job. It’s like being a perpetual student. Every week I get to read the very latest research and to speak to some of the world’s greatest experts in their subject."

Claudia also presents the Health Check on BBC World Service and frequently chairs public events on psychology and science.

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