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Mergim Butaja

Kosovan-born Mergim fled from the war-torn country to the UK with his parents and siblings when he was seven years old.

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Sales account manager

Since the age of 18, Mergim has supported his family by working a range of different jobs - from sales to waiting tables.

Why am I a worthy business partner for Lord Sugar? I’d be a challenge to him. Everyone he’s met probably sucks up to him. I won’t, I’ll tell him like it is
Mergim Butaja

He names Chris Dawson, CEO of leisure retail chain, The Range, as his business inspiration because of their similar backgrounds.

Mergim says his biggest strength is his determined attitude, and he hopes to encourage success within people who have lived through experiences like his own.

Mergim Butaja's Audition

Mergim describes himself as the God's gift - but is he ready to be the Lord's Apprentice?