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Tyler Moon

Tyler's a cheeky chappie with an eye for the ladies. They have an eye for him as well... he once packed out R&R with his exes.

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First appearance:
27th June 2011
Last appearance:
6th August 2013
Market stall holder

Though in the main, Tyler's was an easy-going geezer, he had a short fuse and wasn't averse to throwing the odd punch where he deemed it necessary. He once followed his old man into the boxing ring, but ended up in hospital!

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Tyler Moon
  • Football team: Leyton Orient
  • Nicknames: Ty
  • Hobbies: Women, socialising and boxing
  • Usual drinks: Pint
  • Dislikes: Dancing isn't really his thing

Tyler used to work for the family business, alongside brother Anthony, in an antiques/junk shop called The Emporium. There was nothing in the world that Tyler wouldn't have done for Anthony... it's a pity this wasn't reciprocated when Anthony lost The Emporium to Derek in an poker game! Left on his own, Tyler had to work for Derek... but due to his untimely death, Tyler started calling the shots again.

His relationship with his other brother, Michael, is more unsettled. Though this has more to do with Michael's inability to bond with anyone (except baby Scarlett), than Tyler.

Tyler had changed his ways, becoming strictly a one woman man when he met Whitney Dean. They seemed like they were going to go the distance and even planned to get married... but when the past came back to haunt Whitney, she realised that Tyler would never be able to understand her like she wanted him to. The pair decided to call it a day, and Tyler left Walford to meet brother Anthony who had a nice little job on a cruise ship.

Tony Discipline

  • Tony is a huge boxing fan and also loves football. His favourite boxer of all time is Mike Tyson and his football team is Millwall FC.
  • Before EastEnders Tony worked as a Porter at Billingsgate Fish Market from the age of seventeen which he refers to as the "school of life".