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Prospects Fraternity

ELIMINATED - Live Challenge Show 2

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Kajetan, Tafari, Keir, Mollie, Tyresse, Khyrese, Kayla, Jasina, Jaeda, Albie, Dolcie, Sienna & Laila
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Prospects Fraternity are a Street dance group from South London made up of 13 members aged between 10 and 18.

The crew describe themselves as “amazing friends”, and being in Prospects Fraternity is like “a big mad house with loads of people.”

Eldest member Albie says, “We are like brother and sisters. Being the oldest I see them as my younger siblings.”

Dance means everything to the group, and it’s the one thing they say they couldn’t live without. “We've had some members who have been so shy when they've started and now we're all the best of friends. We build up confidence with each other.”

When the Mirror opened for them, they were blown away by the response. They said: “Everyone was so happy – not just us dancers but our mums too! It felt like a dream, we had to pinch ourselves. It was as though the whole world was looking at us.”