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Tommy Beresford

Thomas Beresford, otherwise known as Tommy, is a clever and logical man whose endeavours nevertheless usually end up in disaster.

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David Walliams

Whether it’s down to clumsiness or just plain bad luck, nobody knows, but the traditional paths of university or the army never quite worked out for Tommy, a fact that disappointed his extremely successful uncle, Major Carter.

He finds himself trying his best to look after his spirited wife, Tuppence, and his son George, through various ill-fated moneymaking pursuits. What Tommy doesn’t realise is that, though he may not have a head for business, he has a knack for espionage and crime solving.

Try as he might to resist and seek the quiet life, events and Tuppence conspire to drag him into a dangerous Cold War world full of assassins, double agents and deadly plots. However perilous this world may seem at first, it becomes one in which Tommy flourishes like never before.

Trailer: Partners in Crime

Agatha Christie's 'Partners in Crime' comes to BBC One

David Walliams on Tommy and Tuppence

"Tuppence is definitely more forthright. She’s braver than Tommy, he’s more on the back-foot, but he means well.

This is Tommy's journey to become a hero.
David Walliams

"Tommy is a bit more of a klutz than Tuppence and is sometimes more of a burden.

"During the Second World War, Tommy was hit by a catering van on his first day as a soldier so he never got to prove himself - this is his journey to become a hero. Together however, Tommy and Tuppence make a good team."

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