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Already collaborating with Nas, Arlissa's got writing chops to match her voice.

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Despite breaking through with the Nas duet Hard to Love Somebody, London singer Arlissa isn't to be ranked exclusively beside upcoming urban artists. The track's a little left-field compared to what else she has in store.

Aged just 19, she's a goldmine of potential - and anyone who caught her at 2012's Bestival, where she opened the Big Top Stage, will be well aware of Arlissa's powerful voice. Honeyed one moment, like a hurricane the next, it's a potent weapon indeed. Think Florence, or Clare Maguire.

Co-writing sessions with Crystal Fighters illustrate her musical breadth - Arlissa is far from another Rihanna clone. But such diversions into relatively experimental territories take nothing away from her mainstream intentions - that she's clicked with DJs at Radio 1, 1Xtra and Radio 2 is indicative of mass-audience appeal.

She's already piqued attentions with a great collaboration, but it's what Arlissa does next that'll really resonate.

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