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Tiffany Mitchell

Beautiful, brazen and Bianca's best mate, Tiffany could flirt to Olympic standard. She could have been anything... but then she met bad boy Grant Mitchell...

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First appearance:
24th January 1995
Last appearance:
1st January 1999 (Deceased)

Grant wasn't the only abusive man in Tiffany's life - her alcoholic father had pushed her down the stairs, causing her to have a miscarriage.

Let's go up West, B!
Tiffany Mitchell

And so history repeated itself with her husband - jealous, controlling Grant who never really loved her, but would never let her go.

Every so often, she tried to flee from the ceaseless cruelty and on her final flight down the apple and pears she made a memorable bid for freedom.

However, Grant had grabbed their baby daughter Courtney, and Tiff ended up under the wheels of Frank Butcher's car. Gone but not forgotten, the one person who truly loved Tiff never forgot her – Bianca named the youngest daughter of her brood after her old best mate.

Played by Martine McCutcheon