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Ruth Goodman

Ruth Goodman is a social and domestic historian working with museums, theatre, television and educational establishments.

She has presented - and consulted on - several television series including Victorian Farm, Victorian Farm Christmas, Tales from the Green Valley and Victorian Pharmacy, as well as presenting a variety of films for The One Show and Coast.

How our ancestors solved the nitty gritty problems of everyday life made the world what it is today.
Ruth Goodman

Victorian Farm was a huge hit for BBC Two, and thanks to this success, Edwardian Farm followed.

As well as her television work, Ruth offers advisory services, lectures and holds practical workshops around the country. As a social historian she works with a whole range of people, institutions and museums such as The Weald and Downland, The Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust, the National Trust and the heritage and drama departments of several universities.

Her particular interest is the domestic; how we lived our daily lives and why we did the things we did. Also, how seemingly little things change the world. Our day to day routines have a huge cumulative effect on the environment - our shopping habits can sway the world's patterns of trade, and how we organise and run our family life sets the political tone of nations.

As Ruth says “We matter. How our ancestors – ordinary men, women and children - solved the nitty gritty problems of everyday life made the world what it is today”.

Ruth’s consultancy work covers media (including assisting make-up artists on Shakespeare in Love), interpretation for museums and heritage sites, designing exhibitions and training staff. Her favoured periods are Tudor, Edwardian, Elizabethan and Victorian.