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Gemma Cairney

Challenge: Tea Time Toning

Update - Gemma gets some upper-body workout tips

Gemma Cairney meets Bradley Simmonds

Gemma gets some expert advice ahead of her Make Your Move Tea Time Toning challenge

Gemma Cairney

London (via Birmingham), the Tea Time Toning challenge.

Where are you from?


I hope make your move will allow me to... some good telly and feel like I got some fitness from it too.

Have you done anything to prepare for your challenge?

In terms of preparation, I haven’t done anything specifically except maybe eat some beans on jacket
potato so I have a connection to baked beans.

I do like to get out there and move a couple of times a week. I’m not a mad gym bunny but I live by the sea these days so I jump into that sometimes in a wet suit and I’m often running around because I’m always late!

What is your motivational mantra?

Erm... get on with it!

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