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Sam Carne

Sam finds himself rising in the community as an admired leader. When Tess Tregidden makes it her mission to cause trouble, Sam makes it his own to convert her wayward soul as he aids Demelza in strengthening the community and where unexpected romance comes to blossom for him too.

Tom York on Sam

"Sam is very earnest and sincere and although he is not always right you know that his heart is always in the best place, which is a wonderful thing and definitely something I have really loved about playing him.

Sam is very earnest and sincere
Tom York

"Sam has taught me to have faith in the way things will work out and that it is not always about making the right decision but more about making the best decision you can.

"He is a good man and he has opened me up and made me a better person but it would be really fun to play someone next with a bit of darkness in them!"

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