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Jennifer Lucas

"When I was a little girl I got lost on the moors. Wandered off from the picnic. I can still feel how sore my toes got inside my red wellie boots. Then I imagined another little girl, just like me in red wellies. And she was Jennifer, too. Except she was a strong Jennifer. A tough Jennifer. She'd lead me home... My name is Jennifer Lucas!"

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Jennifer worked for Morpeth Jetson in the 22nd Century.
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And she was Jennifer, too. Except she was a strong Jennifer…
Jennifer Lucas

Jennifer was one of the team who used Gangers to mine acid in the 22nd Century. She was blessed with an easy sense of humour and had a particular affinity for Buzzer, one of her colleagues. On the most remarkable day of her life, Jennifer Lucas had toast for breakfast. Wrote a letter to her mum. Then she met the Doctor and suddenly nothing in her life - in her whole world - was normal any more. Her Ganger was one of the first to rebel, and the creature's first victim was Jennifer herself. The little girl who wondered away from the picnic had become separated from the main group once again... this time, there would be no way back.

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