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Mandy Salter

Where Mandy goes, trouble is sure to follow. And if there's no money in it for her, she's not interested.

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First appearance:
12th March 1992
Last appearance
31st May 2012
Mandy's Cafe Assistant

Life hasn't been a picnic for Mandy, but she dusted herself off and got on with things. Whatever the situation, she could turn it to her advantage. In essence, Mandy was a survivor.

No one talks to me like that!
Mandy Salter
  • Personal habits: Stealing
  • Likes: Money
  • Qualifications: None
  • Past job: Lapdancer
  • Children: Kira (daughter), died after 1 day

Ultimately all Mandy wanted was a roof over her head and food in her belly... and clothes, shoes, bling, cars, a house etc etc. OK, she wanted a lot. And she wasn't prepared to earn any of them. Now we ain't saying she was a gold digger...

Actually, that's exactly what we're saying. Mandy was engaged several times, but no man got a ring on her finger.

Ian Beale joined the queue in 2012 by proposing. What a coincidence that Mandy would fall for one of the Square's most bankable residents!

Despite Ian's best efforts, he never got her to the altar. Mandy wanted more from life than to be the fifth Mrs Beale. She left Ian a broken man.

Nicola Stapleton

  • Nicola returned to Eastenders in 2011 after playing Mandy from 1992 - 1994. Her other TV roles include Janine in Bad Girls, Danielle in Emmerdale, and Louise in The Bill.
  • Nicola has appeared in films such as Hans Solo, Chunky Monkey and Goodbye Charlie Bright.
  • Some of Nicola's stage appearances include Essex Girls and Of Mice and Men.


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