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A little bit about Jen Long

Hello, I'm Jen Long.

When the Radio 1 Rock Show started I used to sit up until 2am on a school night
Jen Long

When I was younger all I wanted to do was work at Empire Records. Sadly, it's a fictional record shop that only exists for an hour and a half on DVD, so I decided to work in radio instead.

I've always been pretty obsessed with music and radio. I remember when the Radio 1 Rock Show started and I used to sit up until 2am on a school night listening to Mary Anne Hobbs, taping half the tracks she'd play. I emailed her once when I was 14 and she emailed me back. That was pretty cool.

When I arrived in Cardiff for University in 2003 I joined the student radio station Xpress Radio and got a taste for the sound of my own voice. I also got involved with the Student Radio Association and picked up a few bits of work experience.

After graduating I worked in HMV, ran a rehearsal space, tour managed a band, did a podcast, and delivered flyers to schools. Not all at the same time.

I was the first tipster on Huw Stephens' show back in 2006. After that I did a bit for the old Unsigned Podcast before working freelance at Radio 1 in Wales where I've been ever since.

Nowadays you can find me on your wireless presenting BBC Introducing at midnight every Sunday into Monday. I write an mp3 blog at, put on gigs under the name flux=rad, play guitar in a band called Effort, and write stupid things on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

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