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Textured and jammy but tightly wound, Peace look ready to break big.

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21 (Harry), 22 (Dom), 22 (Doug), 23 (Sam)

With their EP Delicious release of September 2012, Birmingham's Peace showcased four distinct sides to their musical personality. There was the twitchy Foals-like number; another harking back to the ragged blues-rock of The Doors. The EP was high in quality, but posed a question: just what do Peace really sound like?

2013 will provide the answer - although the shape this blossoming band settles on is likely to be left malleable. Comparisons to Vampire Weekend and Friendly Fires are impressive on-paper parallels. But Peace are hinting at something rather more singular, and they'll want to deliver music that connects with unique effect, rather than via echoes of recent past.

Gigs with Tame Impala and The Vaccines have proven Peace's on-stage credentials. But it's what they produce next on record that should translate impressive potential into a packageable product. The signs are all thereā€¦ let's see which one they decide to follow.

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