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Lisa Duffin

Played by Cathy Shipton

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6th September 1986
Band 7 Charge Nurse & Midwife

For Lisa Duffin, better known as Duffy, Holby ED has always held a special place in her heart. From her first days as a newly qualified ED nurse 30 years ago until today she’s never lost her compassion – for Duffy the patient ALWAYS comes first.

Duffy has always had a close relationship with Charlie and it’s this friendship that makes them the perfect team. In the past, Duffy has been unlucky in love and has suffered her fair share of heartache. She had a complicated relationship with her first husband Andrew, splitting several times and finally reuniting only for Andrew to be tragically killed in a car accident. Duffy’s also had a relationship with Ryan, a hospital security guard, who betrayed her by stealing all her money but they later reconciled and moved to New Zealand. Following their split she’s back in Holby and hoping that this is the fresh start that she needs.

Duffy is a trained Midwife and is fantastic with children of all ages. Her wealth of experience, calming nature and genuine care for her patients shines through in her work.

Duffy Facts:

  • Duffy once opened a clinic in Cambodia.
  • Duffy used to live in New Zealand before returning to Holby.
  • She has three children – Peter, Jake and Paul.