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Melissa Cavanagh

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Boy George
Musical inspirations
Freddie Mercury, Katy Perry, Jessie J

Melissa Cavannagh performs 'Blame'

Melissa Cavannagh hopes her stripped back performance of ‘Blame’ will win over our coaches

Get to know Melissa

We know it’s all about the voice, but Melissa deserves bigups for more than just her mighty pipes. She was diagnosed with Hodgkinson’s Disease at 13, underwent loads of chemo and put on lots of weight. So when she walked out on that stage, celebrating 10 years cancer free (and having lost four stone), it was like she’d already won. All that aside, Mel’s performance of ‘Blame’ by Calvin Harris was outstanding, which is why she bagged a spot on Team BG. And if that’s not enough reasons to love her, Melissa describes her hometown Sunderland as “Funderland”.

Melissa's selfie

Quick fire with Melissa

What pop star’s poster would you hang on your wall right now? “Katy Perry for girl power, Ricky Wilson for eye candy ;)”

If you could have witnessed any music event in history what would it be? “Freddie Mercury performing live, how amazing would that have been to witness him live!”

What song do you like to sing in the shower? “Rollin’ In The Deep by Adele”

You’re headlining Wembley! What would you have on your rider? “Sparkley things, hair accessories (bindis and whatnot!) and prosecco.”

What famous person do people say you most resemble? “A few people have said I look like a young Liz Taylor (obviously a larger version!)”

What is the best prank you have ever pulled? “Me and my bro are always scaring each other when we can! I think he’s won though, I’m pap at pranking!”

Team George