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Martha Lane

Martha is Robin Lane's daughter, the village’s Methodist Minister.

Series 1

Strong-willed and opinionated, in series 1 Martha wanted to help the community and open their eyes to the changes taking place in the outside world. John Middleton was a particular is a soul she wanted to save, mainly because of her desire to be close to his Joe; it was love at first sight for the doomed couple.

Series 2

Under 30, Martha can’t vote yet but that won’t stop her. A socialist who has married into the conservative Allingham family by way of their youngest son, George, she is stifled by them. Despite convention, Martha returns to teach at the school and her passions are reignited in more ways than one.

Charlie Murphy on Martha

"One of my favourite scenes from series 1 was with Nico (Joe) and Bill (Bert) in the forest. We started filming in the sunshine running down a hill when torrential rain came. For continuity we had to carry on running down the same track, which had turned into a stream. We were slipping and holding each other up all afternoon - it was farcical but fun. That was our first scene together so we got to know each other very fast!

It was hard work just getting by if you didn't have any money
Charlie Murphy

"Oh god it was an eye opener [going back to basics]. All the contraptions for daily life! I had this romantic notion of time back then, but I know it was hard work just getting by if you didn't have any money. People were made of stronger stuff."