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Representing Romania is Cezar with It's My Life.

Popular opera star Cezar Ouatu triumphed in the Romanian national finals for Eurovision despite coming third with the jury. Born into a family of musicians, Cezar began to play the piano aged six. In 1998 he started studying canto and baroque music which led to his career as a classical star in his home country.

As an Opera singer, I enjoy the spirit of music competitions

His first pop-opera single Cinema Paradiso was released in 2012 on Christmas Eve to critical success. After his Eurovision debut, 2013 looks to be a good year for Cezar, with plans to collaborate with a giant of the opera world, Andrea Bocelli, and will record a single written especially for him by electronic music legend, Vangelis.


Cezar (Romania): 'It's My Life'

Composer: Cristian Faur